work samples.

Below you can find a few examples of work that I have created or been involved in making.

Volvo Cars Sweden

While working at Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse I was a content manager for the Volvo Cars Sweden website  for 1.5 years. The design of the site has now changed but here’s just an example of a landing page that I planned and created. Some of the copy is written by me and some is done together with another copywriter. 

Download a screenshot of the landing page here

Next To Gothenburg
Client: West Sweden Tourist Board

In this physical campaign brochure for the West Sweden Tourist Board I re-wrote the original copy and produced new improved text. I did this work while working at the agency Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse.

Download the brochure here.

Göteborg Film Festival

I was the editor of the film industry guide at the Göteborg Film Festival. I either wrote or proofread copy, and together with a team designed the brochure. 

Download The 2013 Film Industry Guide here

Social Media Content

I have managed social media channels in a number of roles, primarily Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I have the planned, created and analysed content that either I or someone else have created. 

The latest accounts I have handled are for the WIN WIN Award, which I am now slowly handing over to a brilliant intern. Check out the Instagram handle here.

Here's  a video I created for an Instagram post in the Autumn of 2020. 

Graphic design

I have created various posters, ads and social media content in the Adobe CC suite. As an example, here's a poster created for print in the Autumn of 2020. More examples to come.

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