work samples.

Below you can find a few examples of work that I have created or been involved in making.

Volvo Cars Sweden

While working at Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse I was a content manager for the Volvo Cars Sweden website  for 1.5 years. The design of the site has now changed but here’s just an example of a landing page that I planned and created.  

Download a screenshot of the landing page here

Next To Gothenburg
Client: West Sweden Tourist Board

In this printed campaign brochure for the West Sweden Tourist Board I re-wrote the original copy and produced new improved text. The tourist board was a client of agency Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse where I worked then. 

Download the brochure here.

Göteborg Film Festival

I was the editor of the film industry guide at the Göteborg Film Festival. I either wrote or proofread copy, and together with a team designed the brochure. 

Download The 2013 Film Industry Guide here

Social Media

I have managed social media channels in a number of roles, primarily Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Oftentimes I have myself shot videos and photos for the posts. 

Akademiska Hus

At Akademiska Hus I have created and managed content for social media and other channels. To the left is an example of a video where I myself shot film and photos for the final video post.

A Working Lab

At Akademiska Hus I have also worked with their coworking concept A Working Lab. Follow the links to see some of the posts I have created, where much of the raw material is also shot by me.

Comfortable chairs at AWL on KTH Campus
Offices and coworking on KTH Campus
Leafy surroundings of AWL in Gothenburg
Coworking, offices and more at AWL in Gothenburg
Flexplats - sit where it suits you

WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Awards

Here's  a video I created for WIN WIN Awards Instagram account in the Autumn of 2020. 

Graphic design

I have created various posters, ads and social media content in the Adobe CC suite. As an example, here's a poster created for print in the Autumn of 2020. 


I have planned, created and executed email marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses. For several years I worked on the global event ticketing company AXS, where I produced newsletters both in English and Swedish. View an example of a Swedish newsletter I created for AXS's client Stockholm Globe Arenas (today called Stockholm Live) here

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