film-induced tourism.

Film tourism, or film induced tourism, is sometimes referred to a niche form of tourism where visitors explore locations and destinations which have become popular due to their appearance in films and television series. But the effect films, tv series and other visual forms of storytelling has on tourism behaviour is lot more complex and unexplored. I got interested in the area more than ten years ago as I decided to write about film-induced tourism in my master's thesis. My research was published and the book can be purchased through various online book stores. I have since then been quoted in related research and interviewed in articles about the area.

A lot has happened in the area the past decade but many players in the tourism and entertainment industries are still trying to figure out the best possible collaborations where everyone's a winner. 

I wrote a book about it.

In my masters thesis I explored the effect film and tv-series have on destination image formation, motivation and travel behaviour.

The majority of films today are not produced with the intent to lure people to visit certain destinations. However, a destination in a film be seen as a form of product placement that consumers are ready to invest money in to see and experience. Film and television series have been widely recognised as being able to create images and associations of destinations all over the world. Not enough research has been done in investigating how these areas are connected, so in this master's thesis I aimed to understand the links between destination image, travel motivation, authenticity and travel behaviour in a film tourism context.

The book can be bought here but also at various other online stores such as Amazon. 

mentions and features.

Interviewed (in Swedish) for the tourism podcast Destinationspodden where I talk to the host Mårten about film, image and sound in relation to tourism and place branding.

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